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Some of my haiku
DeVar's Haiku Site
Some of my haiku

the road home
swallows fly out
both sides of the bridge


empty cabin
the beached canoe
fills with leaves

haiku calendar 2002

dry leaves
trapped in the spokes
grandpas bike

Between the Clouds
Red Iron Press

small town
an old dog stops traffic
both ways

Between the Clouds
Red Iron Press

my shadow crosses
the frozen pond
winter sunset

my shadow walks
on the opposite bank
winter sunset

the smooth place
where two branches rub
march wind

spring sky
the smell of ploughed fields
after the rain

HC Newsletter

my best moo
all the cows
stop and look

Between the Clouds
Red Iron Press

it's not swearing
it's the only language
those cows understand

Between the Clouds
Red Iron Press

barbed wire fence
deer hair caught
on the bottom strand

meditation garden
a spider husk
clings to the bench

summer heat
the crickets wait
for me to pass

HC Newsletter

pencil shavings
the student's tongue
curls and uncurls

home sick
a plastic bag catches
on the branch

beaver dam
the leaves on one branch
still green

the crisp wings
of an old dragonfly
autumn sunset

autumn wind
an empty birdhouse
thumps the tree

so cold
the whitetail deer
wait for me to pass

the leafless willow
a pair of magpies
alternate calls

car dealership
the tuneless whistle
of a salesman


a steady breeze
the last child
leaves home

HC Newsletter

first snow
the paperboy's path
from house to house

years after the divorce
the trees I planted
as high as the house

empty swallow nests
yellow leaves blow
into the creek

Presence #14

autumn sunset
the ripe rose hip
begins to pucker

a silent magpie
flies across the valley--
leafless willow


long week
a firebug walks
the rim of a glass

autumn morning
more new willow branches
in the beaver dam
dull pencil
the staff meeting goes
on and on

an old sweater
hangs from the nail
empty cabin

spring evening
knowing a new moon
is behind the clouds

Bob Speiss tribute
WHC workshop

easter snow
a piece of egg shell
in the sandwich

Presence #17

roadside rest stop
a haiku added
to the graffiti

he changes into play clothes
after school

school almost over
a woodpecker pounds
the old tree

winter wind
the distance between each flap
of the magpies wing


long summer day
a hawk holds its place
between the clouds


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