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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

I am a school teacher in Magrath, Alberta. I serve on the town council for the town and am involved with the local libary and museum. I am also the town councillor assigned to monitor the town's nature trail which runs up and down the banks of the Pothole Creek which flows south of Magrath.

I have also been involved in a project to re-introduce the northern leopard frog in the Pothole creek area. Each spring for the last two years egg masses from the Medicine Hat area have been brought to Magrath. The Alberta Government department of Sustainable Resources has coordinated this.
The northern leopard frog was common to this area before the late 1970s. A viable population of frogs indicates a healthy environment. After two years the frogs are doing well. We are looking forward to the spring of 2005 when the first batch of frogs will be mature enough to reproduce.


Two of my passions are haiku and origami. I attended the Haiku Canada weekend in Ottawa in May of 2004 and presented a workshop on haiku and origami.

I am currrently serving as president of Haiku Canada. Haiku Canada has a website that can visited here.

Visit Haiku Canada.