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Haiku Canada Weekend 2012
May 19-21
Toronto, Ontario




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American Haiku Archives Web Site

The advisory board for the American Haiku Archives (AHA) is pleased to announce the launch of its new website at The archives, founded in 1996, is the largest public archives of haiku and related poetry outside of Japan, and is the official home of the Haiku Society of America archives. Many individual donors have also contributed thousands of books and papers to the collection, which welcomes ongoing contributions from around the world, especially of new publications and personal papers relating to haiku. The new Web site features poems and biographical material about the current honorary curator, H. F. Noyes, and selected past curators. It also presents extensive information about the archives, its location and history, how to use it, how to make donations, and much more. Please visit  to learn more about the American Haiku Archives and its mission.

The Pacific region of Haiku Canada(pacifi-kana) has created a very good website and invite you to visit it.

Haikuworld is an exceptional site for haiku related articles,books and contests.

Joanne Morcom invites all to visit her website.

André Duhaime has a very good site with Canadian and international haiku.

The Hailstone Poets of the Hailstone Haiku Circle invite you to visit their website.

If you have questions, concerns
or submissions for the Haiku Canada
website, please contact me

DeVar Dahl