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In April 2006 Lesley was looking up websites about global warming. She came across

McDonalds global casting call. They asked people to send a picture and a brief statement about their passion. The prize was the opportunity to have your picture on McDonalds' cups and bags.

Lesley send in a picture of us taken while hiking in Waterton. She told them that we love to hike, we sing and tell stories as we do and we feel alive body and soul. Those are not her exact words and in reality we sing and tell stories while we hike in Waterton to let bears know we are in the area.

Anyway, 13,000 people entered the contest with 500 of them coming from Canada. We were lucky enough to be selected and went to London in August 2006 for a photo shoot with 23 other people from around the world.

In March 2007 the bags and cups came out. McDonalds told us that they are in 100 different countries and on any given day 52,000,000 could see our picture.

This has been quite the adventure and we are enjoying our "15 minutes" of McFame.