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Friday May 19th
3pm-5pm    registration

5pm-6pm    break for dinner (set up book room)

6pm-6:15    formal Greeting and housekeeping

6:15-6:30    announcements by DeVar

6:30-9:30    wine and cheese, readings, and workshopping

9:30-10:00  break before renku party

10pm- ?      renku with Marshall and Karen

Saturday May 20th
7am-8:30    early renku

8:30-10:30   catered breakfast

9:00-9:45    Keynote address: Promoting haiku around the world featuring highlights from the Vancouver Cherry Blosson Festival by Vicki McCullough, Carole Macrury and Michael Dylan Welch.

9:45-10:45  Haiku Canada Annual General Meeting

11:00-12:30 ginko to Nitobe Gardens

12:30-2:00   free time for lunch

2:00-2:45     news clip and kukai in courtyard and mingle

2:45-3:15     Howard Lee Kilby on Zen in Paris
3:15 - 3:45  Mariko Kitakubo dance performance

3:45-4:00 Skit by Heather Isaacson and Joyce Taylor

4:30-5pm     book room

5:00-6:30     break for dinner

6:30-7:10     Marshall on translations

7:10pm- 7:30pm  Carmen Sterba "Rearview Mirror" reading both haiku and haibun      

7:30-8pm     Dr. Kozue Uzawa on Syllables in English Tanka

8:00-8:30     Allan Brown on the story in haiku

8:30-10:00    readings and workshopping

10pm - ?      renku with Karen and Marshall
Sunday May 21st
7am-8:30     early morning renku

8:30 am - 10:00 am bookroom, auction tables, mingle 

10:00-10:15  Betty Drevniok results, 50/50 draw, silent auction,
raffle, blind auction results

10:15-11:15 "Mariko Kitakubo and Amelia
Fielden, bilingual tanka performance".

11:15-12:15 Michael Dylan Welch on the moment in haiku

12:15-12:30 Closing and goodbyes by DeVar to those
                   who are leaving

12:30-2pm   break for lunch

2:15-2:30    meet in parking lot to drive or bus to VanDusen

3pm-5pm    ginko of VanDusen

5pm-7pm    dinner at VanDusen

7pm- ?        drive around Vancouver or back for Wreck

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