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Betty Drevniok Award Results 2006
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The results of the Betty Drevniok Award 2006 were announced at the Haiku Canada Weekend Conference in Ottawa in May, 2007.
Judge: Angela Leuck
Contest coordinator, broadsheet : Ann Goldring
Sumi-e paintings: Cassandra Wyszkowski

First prize

a whitetail flickers
into birch . . .
what time I have left

Scott Mason
Chappaqua, New York

Second prize

valentine's day
the twinging
of angina

John Ower
Midland, Texas

Third prize

minnows darting above
their darker selves

Timothy Russell
Toronto, Ohio


the moon outlines
her single breast

Grant Savage
Ottawa, Ontario

his sister's funeral
trimming his hair
before he goes

Patricia M. Benedict
Calgary, Alberta

Wild geese in flight
suddenly the sky
so wide

Helen Baker
Vancouver, British Columbia

call of a loon
cove light and shadow
ripple in

Scott Mason
Chappaqua, New York

summer afternoon
settling into its shadow
the old labrador

André Surridge
Hamilton, New Zealand

keeping them for a day
the broken pieces
of the heirloom bowl

Michael Dylan Welch
Sammamish, Washington

On the old wall
pictures of the past
the plaster falling.

Frances Mary Bishop
Alexandria, Ontario

Easter Sunday
neighbours on their knees

Ernest J. Berry
Picton, New Zealand

Please note: The deadline for 2007 has already passed. The deadline for the 2008 Award is February 14, 2008

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The Betty Drevniok Award
c/o Ann Goldring,
Box 97, 5 Cooks Drive, Leaskdale, Ontario.