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HAIKU CANADA is a society of haiku poets and enthusiasts dedicated to:

* promoting the creation and appreciation of haiku and related forms (tanka, renga, senryu, sequences, haibun, and visual haiku) among its members and the public at large; and

* fostering association, friendship, communication and mutual support among haiku poets in Canada and abroad.

HAIKU CANADA was founded in 1977 by Dr. Eric Amann, Betty Drevniok and George Swede. First called the Haiku Society of Canada, it was renamed Haiku Canada in 1985. Since the founding, members have shared information on haiku, haiku events, organizations, markets and publications.

Certain functions and traditions have evolved during the terms of previous presidents: Eric Amann (1977-79), Betty Drevniok (1979-1982), Sandra Fuhringer (1982-85), Dorothy Howard and André Duhaime (1985-88), Dorothy Howard (1988-1990), and Marshall Hryciuk (1990-1997).
and NICK AVIS (1998-2004). The current president is DEVAR DAHL.  Meetings, readings, annual spring weekends and various publications have provided members with stimulation and opportunities to learn and to share their work.


The HAIKU CANADA Newsletter contains haiku, letters, articles and book reviews, as well as information on events, contests and other societies. Submissions for the newsletter are open to members and non-members.

Announcements and information on activities and publications are welcome.

The issues appear in October, February and June.

HAIKU CANADA Sheets are an excellent way to share haiku. Each sheet contains approximately 10 haiku, a short biographical note and a photograph. Submissions for HAIKU CANADA Sheets are open to members only or by invitation. Previously published work will be considered.

The deadline for submissions to the HAIKU CANADA Members' Anthology is January 31. The anthology is launched at the Haiku Canada Weekend.

Direct all work for publication consideration to:

LeRoy Gorman, HC Newsletter & Publications Editor,
51 Graham West,
Napanee, Ontario, Canada
K7R 2J6

HAIKU CANADA WEEKEND - The next weekend is May 16-18, 2008. Activities include haiku readings, presentations, workshops, a book fair, the annual general meeting and a collective renga. The weekend format allows for lots of exchanges and discussion. This is a great opportunity to get to know other poets and enthusiasts in a relaxed setting. 


The HAIKU CANADA Archives includes books, chapbooks, haiku magazines and HAIKU CANADA Sheets. Members have contributed copies of their works over the years, and this collection provides a rich resource of haiku in Canada over the past 20 years. To inquire about the Archives or other publications, contact the Archivist:

Dorothy Howard, HC Archivist,
67 Court,
Gatineau (Quebec) CANADA
J9H 4M1

ANNUAL CONTEST - The Betty Drevniok Award  

Haiku Canada established this competition in memory of Betty Drevniok, Past President of the society. With the exception of members of the executive of Haiku Canada, the contest is open to everyone, including Regional Coordinators of HC. See the link on the left of this page to learn how to enter this contest. 


Membrship is open to all haiku poets and enthusiasts. The membership dues of $25.00 ($15.00 for students) cover the period of January to December. Members are entitled to 3 newsletters, a minimum of 6 HAIKU CANADA Sheets and inclusion in the annual Members' Anthology. To become a member see the link Join Haiku Canada on the left side of this page.