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Marshall Hryciuk:

Marshall was born in Hamilton  ON in 1951, and began  writing poems and short poems there in 1968, found the word haiku for the  first time after I was writing them in a copy of Alan Watts' 'Way of Zen' which  was on my mother's bookshelf next to the skin-care books and Chatelaines. Moved  to Toronto for University of Toronto attendance in 1970 and took my BA in  Philosophy from Woodsworth College in 1975. Have a son, Ramana born 1980 of a previous marriage and married poet and guerilla gardener, Karen Sohne in her  mother's Farmingdale NY backyard in 1998 and now live in Toronto where I am a  practising poet and publisher.

Marshall, master rengishi of the Haiku Canada meetings,  will read and discuss haiku translations from the masters and other foreign  languages as well as leading the two late-night renku sessions.   Looking for a fantastic party?  Join Marshall and Karen in the residence  lounge after the evening readings.


Amelia Fielden:

Amelia is an Australian, amateur (tanka) poet,and a professional  translator of Japanese, specializing, since her retirement from government  service, in the translating of contemporary Japanese women's tanka poetry. She  has published 6 books of such translation to date, and is currently  working on a 7th.  Amelia lives in Australia. She, along with Mariko  Kitabuko, will be presenting a bi-lingual performance to music, (as against a simple reading), of Mariko's Japanese tanka in Japanese, alternating with  the English translations (which Ameila has made) of each tanka. They will  also read some of Amelia's  tanka in Japanese and English. The idea is to  give non-Japanese poets an idea of the sound and rhythm of tanka

in Japanese, while, by providing the English translations,  both verbally and on printed sheets, they will ensure that their  audience knows what these tanka mean.


Mariko Kitabuko:

Mariko is an experienced performance poet who, along with  Amelia Fielden, recently did a musical performance of her tanka  poetry in Australia. Mariko's new book (which will be in bilingual  format), is a collection of some 280 Japanese tanka translated by Amelia.   It will be published under the title of "On This Same Star", early in  2006. Mariko lives in Japan.


Carmen Sterba:

Carmen finds writing haiku a source of deep
refreshment. She is presently the Secretary of the
Haiku Society of America. Half of her life was spent
in Japan as a student of Asian Studies and Literature,
and as an instructor of ESL and creative writing. She
has nurtured budding haiku poets of all ages in Japan
and the USA. Presently, she lives in Washington state
where she teaches ESL and has just established the
Rainier Haiku Workshop.  Fluent in Japanese, she  has completed an English translation of a Japanese-American haiku poet's  collection, Jacaranda by Hatsuyo Mori (with the translation team of  YasuomiKoganei and Ken Saito), published by Red Moon Press in 2003.Her chapbook, sunlit jar was published in the Netherlandsand is in its 3rd edition.  Fifteen of her haiku appear in A New

Resonance 4: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku,  published in 2005 by Red Moon Press.


Howard Lee Kilby:

Howard Lee Kilby served as secretary of the Haiku Society  of America 1999-2002. He is presently serving as the HSA South Region  Coordinator. He joined The Canadian Haiku Society in 2006 in preparation for  attending Haiku Canada at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He  has longed to visit UBC and Vancouver for years. He studied at the University  of Hawaii at Manoa in the department of religion while living at Koko An Zendo off campus. His interest in Zen is as a dewdrop in the morning sun.


Michael Dylan Welch: 

Michael Dylan Welch is currently first vice  president of the Haiku Society of America, and is editor/publisher of Tundra:  The Journal of the Short Poem and of Press Here haiku and tanka books. In 2000 he founded the Tanka Society of America, and served  as its president for five years. In 1996 he cofounded the American Haiku  Archives at the California State Library in Sacramento, and in 1991 he cofounded  the Haiku North America conference. His haiku have been published in hundreds  of journals and anthologies in more than a dozen languages (most recently  Turkish), and he has won first place in each of the Drevniok, Henderson, Brady,  and Tokutomi contests, among others. He lives with his wife and two children in  Sammamish, Washington, and works as an editor with Microsoft.


Allan Brown:

Allan Brown was born in Victoria and presently lives in  Powell Rver, BC. His poetry has been published in a variety of Canadian  journals since 1962

and is partly collected in 19 books and chapbooks. His two  volumes of haiku are: What Day Is It? (Far Field Press, 2004) and: a penny in  the grass

(Ekstasis Editions, 2006).


Vicki McCullough:

Vicki McCullough is a freelance editor/writer and a parent, who  resides in Vancouver, BC. Her favourite professional work is crafting and  midwiving personal stories, which is akin her chief delight in writing haiku:  capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Her haiku have been published  nationally and internationally.


Carole MacRury:

Poet and photographer, Carole MacRury is a Canadian who  resides in Point Roberts, Washington. She is a regular featured reader for  Vancouver Co-op Radio, has mentored haiku beginners and has been published  in North America, Japan, Romania and Croatia. 

Kozue  Uzawa:

Kozue Uzawa was born in Tokyo and immigrated  to Canada in 1971. Ph.D. from University of British Columbia. Currently she is an assistant professor at the University of  Lethbridge. She published her first collection of tanka in 1989 (Tokyo, Shinpu-sha). She is the editor of GUSTS, Canada’s  first English tanka journal.  She translated 101 modern and contemporary tanka into English with Amelia Fielden and it will  be published as  Ferris Wheel by Cheng & Tsui in May 2006.




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it UBC and Vancouver for years. He studied at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in the department of religion while living at Koko An Zendo off campus. His interest in Zen is as a dewdrop in the morning languages as well as leading the two late-night renku sessions.  Looking for a fantastic party?  Join Marshall and Karen in the residence lounge after the evening readings.