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Welcome to the 2008 Haiku Canada Weekend

The details of the conference are listed below. There is a downloadable registration form and accommodation form. If you have specific questions about the conference, please contact Terry Ann Carter,  Conference Coordinator, at

Download the conference registration form

Download the Accommodation Form


May 16-18, 2008

Carleton University

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Friday, May 16, 2008

4:00 registration- Residence Commons,

Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa

Room 124 and 118 (Leeds House) are only available for set up after 5:00 pm Friday evening

Archives, publications, artworks, silent auction items (room 188 Leeds House)

5:00 dinner (cafeteria, eateries on campus, local restaurants)

7:00 Prescott Hall (right of Residence Commons)

Opening remarks: Terry Ann Carter, DeVar Dahl

Launch of Carpe Diem: Anthologie Canadienne Du Haiku/ Canadian Haiku Anthology

(the first collaboration of Les Editions David and Borealis Press)

Presentations by Yvon Malette (Les Editions David) and Frank Tierney (Borealis Press)

Commentary by the English editors: Marco Fraticelli and Terry Ann Carter

Selected readings

8:30 (multi purpose room 124- Leeds Hall)

Word Music by Gerald St. Maur

A brief survey of poetry and music with special reference to haiku and tanka. The talk will be illustrated using my recent experience with a trombonist, an oboist, a violinist and a percussionist.

Gerald St. Maur is a writer and artist living in Edmonton. The author of four books of poetry, he has written extensively on the arts. As artistic director of Corpus Vocis he has directed projects combining poetry with drawing, dance and music. His latest cd. Poemusica will be used as a basis for this talk.

9:15 Conference Anthology LeRoy Gorman

Late night renku party: Marshall Hryciuk and Karen Sohne

Saturday, May 17, 2008

8:30 Anonymous workshop with Philomene Kocher and Marco Fraticelli

9:30 Contemporary Haiku by French Women Poets - An Evolution of Themes

Janick Belleau

This talk relates to the evolution of the topics written by contemporary, French-speaking or Francophiles, women authors of short poems (haiku, senryu and tercet). This brief analysis concentrates on the only haiku book devoted to French women haiku poets, Regards de femmes; the book includes 85 poets and 284 of their new poems. Lecture in English.

Janick Belleau lives on the South Shore of Montreal. Publications: poetry,-;En-dehors du désir; haiku & tanka, Humeur (in 3 language); co-editor of collective work -;Erotique poème court / haiku (2006); editor of collective work Regards de femmes -; haiku contemporain au féminin (upcoming in October 2008). Her poetry and feature articles appear in women and literary journals.

10:30 Readings in the Wooded Glen (weather permissible)

Reading from the Beauty of Handmade Books: Angela Leuck, Terry Ann Carter

Angela will read from Haiku White, Haiku Noir (Carve Press, 2007)) and Garden Meditations (limited edition from editionsming, Montreal, 2008, designed by Claire Dufresne)

Terry Ann Carter will read from Road Trip: more latte than turquoise from Ottawa to Santa Fe.

(limited handmade artist books from counting coup press, Santa Fe, New Mexico by Suzanne Vilmain, letterpress artist/bookmaker)

11:30 - 1:00 Lunch in the cafeteria or off campus (don't forget to visit the book room 118 Leeds)

1:00 Teaching Haiku in a Japanese Elementary School by our distinguished visitor, Makoto Kakanishi , teacher and poet.

Mr. Nakanishi will be speaking about a haiku class that he taught in a Japanese elementary school some years ago. Often times, teachers have a hard time getting children interested in haiku. But by introducing the technique of juxtaposition and the use of kukai (traditional haiku sharing circle), children find it easier and more fun to make haiku and share them with peers.

Makoto Nakanishi is a professor at Ehime University, Faculty of Education, in Japan. His study includes haiku to elementary school children. Also he is planning haiku classes in a Canadian school, introducing the idea of juxtaposition and kukai to Canadian children.

2:00 reading in the wooded glenn: Michael Dylan Welch

2:30 Twinning by Claudia Rosemary Radmore and Mamata Nyogi

Twinning haiku and the arts is a collaborative presentation by Mamata Niyogi Nakra and Claudia Radmore. Mamata has worked to capture haiku through movement and dance; Claudia has attempted to express the spirit of haiku in line. Using video, demonstration, and examples from their work in visual art and dance, they will discuss a creative approach to "feeling art in the bone". Participants will be encouraged to explore haiku in simple movement and line, and take away suggestions of new ways of feeling "the moment".

Originally from Montreal, Claudia Coutu Radmore lives in Carleton Place, Ontario. She has been writing poetry in lyric and Japanese forms since the early nineties. A member of the League of Canadian poets and Haiku Canada, Claudia has been consulting editor for RAW nerVZ HAIKU and currently helps with the selection and proofreading of submissions for Gusts, the Canadian tanka magazine. She writes renku with poets Grant Savage, Terry Ann Carter, Dorothy Howard and Raffael de Gruttola among others.

mamata niyogi - nakra enjoys reading haiku and has tried to write a few haiku herself. Her interest in this poetic form and involvement with Indian dance, has led her to work on what she calls dansjazz-ku. In September 2001, dansjazz -ku premiered at a haiku weekend event held at the Japanese Pavillion in the Montreal Botanical Gardens, in which she interpreted haikus written by David Neudorfer , a Montreal based haiku writer, through dance movements to the accompaniment of Jazz musician Jason Selman. Dans jazz-ku has been presented several times at different venues since then.

3:30 ginko walk

5:30 cocktails (Leeds, 124)

6:00 Haiku Canada Banquet (Leeds 124)

7:00 Haiku Canada members' reading (all members are invited to read a selection of four or five haiku)

8:00 Kangetsukai: A Haiku Moon Viewing Party

Angela Leuck

The Japanese custom of moon viewing began as early as 909 and was celebrated with food, drink, music and poetry. Its popularity led to an enormous output of moon poems, including haiku. This presentation will give an overview of the tradition and suggest ways in which we might create our own Western moon-viewing haiku tradition.

The first half of the presentation will address:

1) Why is the moon such a rich subject for poetry?

2) How was a typical moon viewing party conducted, including the special kind of food (moon cakes) and music.

The second part of the presentation will focus on a reading of ancient and contemporary moon haiku against a backdrop of woodcuts from Yoshitoshi's"100 Views of the Moon: Japanese Woodblock Prints".

Angela Leuck is the author of Flower Heart (Blue Ginkgo Press, 2006) and has edited a number of anthologies, including Rose Haiku for Flower Lovers and Gardeners (Price-Patterson, 2005), Tulip Haiku (Shoreline, 2004), and, with Maxianne Berger, Sun Through the Blinds: Montreal Haiku Today (Shoreline, 2003).

Angela Leuck acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the League of Canadian Poets.



Late night renku party continued

SUNDAY, May 18,

8:30 Business Meeting (Leeds 124)

9:30 Anonymous Workshop: Bruce Ross, Michael Dylan Welch

10:30 Place: A Discovery Through Haiku, Haibun, Photography by Margot Gallant

The place to be discovered in Margot's presentation is an isolated Ojibway/Cree community in Northern Ontario where she lived and worked for two

years. A particular focus on portraits of the children is the work of Margot's partner, Darren Luck.

Margot Gallant is an Ottawa based poet and haiku enthusiast, and a member of KaDo Ottawa. Her poetry is inspired by nature and her personal experiences. She is currently in her third year of teaching and travelling in Northern Ontario and Quebec.

11:15 Haibun Workshop by Bruce Ross(Leeds 124) beading workshop by Margot Gallant (Leeds 118)

This haibun workshop begins with a discussion of the short form and current issues relating to it. Then the attendees are asked to participate in a short haibun exercise.

Finally each participant is asked to read their haibun, with collective and the moderator's supportive comments.

Bruce Ross is editor of "Haiku Moment, An Anthology of Contemporary North American haiku" and "Journey to the Interior, American Versions of Haibun" and co-editor of "How to Haiku, A Writer's" Guide to Haiku and Related Forms" and four collections of haiku.

12:00 - 1:30 lunch on/off campus

1:30 The Joy of Haiku by Michael Dylan Welch

Why write haiku? In an interview with The Paris Review, former United States poet laureate Billy Collins once remarked that "There's a deep strain of existential gratitude that runs through a lot of poetry. It's certainly in haiku. Almost every haiku says the same thing: It's amazing to be alive here". Join Michael Dylan Welch, as we close this year's conference, in an inspirational exploration of poems, quotations, and thoughts about the joy of reading and writing haiku.

2:30 Betty Drevniok Awards, Ginko prizes, Silent auction items, closing: Terry Ann, DeVar

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