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Haiku Canada Weekend 2009

will be held in Vancouver, B. C. on May 15, 16, 17, 2009 at The University of British Columbia.

The pacifi-kana region of Haiku Canada is proud to host the 2009 Haiku Canada Weekend.  Below is essential information for all those considering attending the annual Haiku Canada Conference and weekend meeting.                        

Tentative Agenda Schedule                                


Dorm-room check-in                         3pm – 4pm

Registration at Shrum                         4pm – 5pm    Book set-up/mingle Shrum conference room

Meet and greet                                   5pm – 5:15    DeVar Dahl (Haiku Canada pres. to MC)

President’s welcome                           5:15 – 5:30

Round-robin reading                           5:30 – 6pm     Bring haiku to share

Break                                                 6pm – 6:15

Catered light supper                            6:15 – 7:30     Various cheese w/crackers, spring rolls, vegetables and dip, desserts, coffee and tea

Presentations                                       7:30 – 9:30    

Break                                                   9:30 – 10pm

Renku in dorm lounge                            10pm – 2am ???



Book tables & silent auction               7am – 8:30     Come browse and Shrum conference room

and/or early morning renku?               7am – 8:30     (early renku in dorm lounge)

Catered breakfast                                8:30 – 9:30     Continental breakfast with quiche added, coffee  and tea and juices

Haiku Canada Meeting                       9:30 – 10:30    All interested please attend

Presentations                                       10:30 – 11:30 

Catered lunch                                      11:30 – 12:30  Sandwich lunch with fruit platters, coffee, tea and juice

Break                                                   12:30 – 1pm

Nitobi Garden ginko                           1:00 – 2:30 $6.00adu/ $5.00senior

Kukai, books, & 50/50                        3:00 – 5pm

Presentations                                       5pm – 6pm     

Break                                                   6pm – 6:30

Catered dinner                                      6:30 – 8:30       chips and humus, assorted maki rolls, vegetables and dip, coffee and tea

Presentations and/or

anonymous work shopping                 8:30 – 9:30

Break                                                 9:30 – 10pm

Renku in dorm lounge                          10pm – ???



Book tables & silent auction               7:30 – 9am     Come browse Shrum conference room and/or early morning renku?     7:30 – 9 am     (renku in dorm lounge)

Catered breakfast                                9 am – 10 am   Continental breakfast

After breakfast check-out                   10 am –10:45

Results of 50/50, raffle,                      10:45 – 11:15  No definite time on the silent auction

silent auction, blind auction                10:45 – 11:15  This keeps it fair (surprise call)

pack up books                                     10:45 – 11:15

Presentation                                        11:15 – 11:45

Closing & car pools to Van Dusen     11:45 – 12:15  go to lunch and meet at Van Dusen at 2pm

Van Dusen Gardens Entrance Fee is $8.50 for adults, $6.25 for seniors, and a group rate if we have more than 10 in any one category and get there together.

Dinner at Van Dusen for those who’d like to stay on:     5:30 pm


                REGISTRATION FORM 

Name: ______________________________________________________ 

Address: ____________________________________________________ 

Phone: ______________________________________________________

E-mail Address: _______________________________________________ 

Early Registration:  Cost of full conference postdated before March 30, 2009 is $95.00, which gives you the five meals and the conference fee.

[Rooms are separate:  Call U. B. C. Reservations at 1-604-822-1000 or toll free at 1-888-822-1030  or  Register by]

Late Registration:  After March 30, 2009, the cost of the full conference is $105.00 (five meals and conference fee).  Rooms separate (see above).

For anyone wanting to attend for part of the conference:

Friday and/or Sunday early registration is $30.00 per day (one meal each day and conference registration) late is $35.00 per day

Saturday only is $50.00 early registration.  Late is $55.00 (includes three meals and conference registration)

Please makes cheques payable to “Haiku Canada”!!!

And send to Alice Frampton, P. O. Box 8 , Seabeck , Washington , 98380 , U. S. A.

Early Registration Post Marked before March 30, 2009 deadline!!!!! 


Please note  all fees should be paid in Canadian dollars.


Full conference $95.00 (early registration): May 15,16,17 __________________

Full conference $105.00 (late registration): May 15,16,17 ____________________

Friday only $30.00 (early registration):       May 15   ___________________        

Friday only $35.00 (late registration):         May 15    __________________

Saturday only $50.00 (early registration):    May 16  ____________________

Saturday only $55.00 (late registration):      May 16  ____________________

Sunday only $30.00 (early registration):       May 17  _______________

Sunday only $35.00(late registration):         May 17  _________________

Silent Auction, Blind Auction, 50/50

Please, if you have things to donate to the silent auction or blind auction, bring them along.  In 2006 we had an unprecedented amount of items donated for the silent auction.  Now is the time to unload some of those valuables you no longer want or need, or a new book.  Items need not be oriental or deal exclusively with haiku, but they should at least be of interest to writers or poets.  Haiku Canada uses the monies to offset the cost of the conference room, microphones, overhead projectors, etc.

For Room Reservations:

Call U. B. C. Reservations at 1-604-822-1000 or toll free at 1-888-822-1030

Register by e-mail:

Accommodations include:

1 or 2 twin beds (singles = 1 twin, doubles = 2 twin beds . . . sorry folks)

Bring your own towels, washcloths, floor mat, soap.  Shared washrooms and showers like in 2006 down the hall from your room . . . a male side and a female side.

$30.00 a night.  Last time it was $33.00.  The rooms might be a bit older, but they are renovating the dorm we had last time.

Sheets and blankets are provided, but the beds are not made.  If anyone needs help making their bed (reaching and lifting) we can get help for you.  Just let me know on the registration form.

The dorm lounge has chairs, TV, microwave, refrigerator, sink, and kettle.

There are no food options.  The conference package comes with catered.  In 2006 we found it very hard to travel the distances to the scarce food locations on and off campus.  I will plan meals to accommodate regular, vegetarian, and vegan choices.  Please let me know if there are any food allergies (life threatening)!  There will be bottled water and juices for everyone in the refrigerator in the main dorm lounge that we’ll be using.  I will also make available a Brita water filter so you can refill your water bottles and keep them cold.  You will be able to help yourselves to water, coffee, tea, juice, milk and a few other goodies in the kitchen area.  If anyone would like to bring things to share, that would be greatly appreciated (cereal, fruit, cookies, etc.).

Parking:  $5:00 a day, plus tax.  The lot is right outside where our conference room is.  Get the voucher for parking at the front desk when registering.